Sark first, now Alderney

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Absolutely loved the quietness of Beaucette marina.  Even stayed an extra night.  The day after arrival saw us catching the bus (£1 each) into St Peter Port and, amongst other things, looking at the marina and agreeing that we were pleased not to have stopped there. Finished up with a bus trip around the island (£1 each).  Day 2 saw us hiring bikes and cycling the 23 miles all the way around.  The north part of the island has lots of cycle tracks, but not the south.  Day 3 saw us doing the laundry, having a longish walk, until it rained, and, finally, eating at the ‘gold medal’ restaurant at the marina.  Fantastic seafood = heaven!!

The only way out of Beaucette marina!!!

Yesterday, we sailed over to Sark, picked up a mooring in Havre Gosselin, rowed ashore in the dinghy and explored the island, in the rain.  We got pretty wet.  Obviously, once we got back to the boat it stopped raining!!!  Still, we had time for G to see the famous La Coupée. Back on board, a swell developed which became uncomfortable.  So, a quick decision and we motor/sailed around the island and dropped our hook in Dixcart Bay.  It proved to be no better and we had an uncomfortable night rolling in the swell.

A wet, but smiling, G overlooking Havre Gosselin on Sark (Tiftie on the left)

Next morning, brilliant sunshine and we made an early start for Alderney.  Great Sail.  We sailed through the Swinge with a very favourable tide (5 knots??) and following wind (12 knots).  Even so, the chart warns of “dangerous overfalls” and it wasn’t joking.  Big standing waves, which could have proved to be very unpleasant!

Now safely moored in Braye Harbour and G is catching up on her sleep, whilst I try to pick the wheat from the chaff amongst the Brexit news items.

La Coupée on Sark. Shear drop on both sides!!



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