A great day – to be followed by a hard slog

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Hired bikes today and set off relatively early (for us) to cycle around Alderney.  What a great island.  Unlike Sark, which was disappointing, there is a coastal path for much of the coastline.  Sunny, windy, but warm.  A great ride.  When we asked about bikes at the hire shop, we were asked if we had reserved any because all the electric bikes were reserved!!!  No, thank you very much.  We just want ordinary bikes.  He then proceeded to show us the best route, pretty much all on tarmac roads, the total length of which was about 8 miles!! Electric bikes???  Ye gods!!

Typical beautiful cliffscape around Alderney.  This is a view into Telegraph Bay

Now for the ‘hard slog”.  When we set out in early May, we were experiencing perpetual easterly winds.  So, going east in order to begin with the Channel Islands made no sense and we set off for Roscoff which was pretty much due south from Plymouth.  Now, we have nearly completed our trip and, tomorrow, we need to sail almost due west back to Plymouth.  And the wind??  Perpetual westerlies.  It’s going to be a hard slog.  At the moment, the wind is about 15 knots from the west.  We will be leaving here at about 02:00 to catch the first of the favourable tide.  Oh, we have to avoid a traffic separation system as well.  Hey Ho!!!

G looking towards Les Etacs which are covered with Gannets (2% of the world’s population apparently)

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