The end of the second odyssey

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Well, the final day (not originally intended) was a difficult one.  Decided to sail back to the UK on Sunday because the wind forecast featured a few hours of south-westerly winds, which would be very useful.  So, in order to catch the west-going tide, we exited Braye harbour at 02:00 precisely. Motored for five hours, party in the dark, due west against a westerly wind in order to avoid the traffic separation system.  Once clear, turned towards Dartmouth and motor-sailed and sailed for the next 8 hours in winds gusting to 20 knots.  Hard work.

Within about 10 miles of Dartmouth and receiving 3G, we were able to study the weather forecasts.  It turned out that neither Monday, nor Tuesday, would be very good for a passage to Plymouth, whereas now, the wind was least unfavourable and the tide was about to turn west.  So,  a quick course alteration to port and another 6 hours later, we were on a pontoon at Mayflower.  (99 nm in just over 18 hours – epic)  An unexpected and sudden end to our second odyssey, which we have both thoroughly enjoyed

Not sure where we might go next year, but we are definitely going somewhere!!!

Below is what turned out to be our ‘last supper’ on board in a ‘foreign’ land.  You can see that there is not a lot of point in going out to a restaurant!!!!!!


‘Last Supper’

I’m not sure if anyone has been reading this blog, but, if you have, thank you and I hope you have enjoyed it.

G’s final ‘Take’ will probably be posted tomorrow


One thought on “The end of the second odyssey

    Hannah said:
    June 27, 2016 at 6:04 am

    I’ve read every one Ken as well as Mums.
    It’s been lovely to read about your adventures (even if I don’t understand the sailing terminology), knowing where you are and that your both safe.
    Look forward to seeing you both. Xxx


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