Greystones for the day

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After four long travel days and four early starts, we thought we would have a day out (and a few showers) and, so, we have spent the day at Greystones which is not unlike Weston, but with a marina and one or two unexpectedly expensive ladies’ fashion shops.

Part of the reason for coming to Greystones, apart from it being very conveniently placed on the coastline without detours, was to refill our low fuel tank and this marina is shown in the Cruising Almanac with the fuel icon.  Imagine, then, my surprise to find that there is no fuel pontoon, but the fuel is ordered and a tanker turns up!!!  Fortunately, another boat had ordered 500 Lt and the tanker was coming anyway.  Still not good, though, because the first tanker broke down and we were delayed from exploring Weston, sorry Greystones, by a couple of hours.

Weston, I mean Greystones, from the train returning from our walk.  Fortunately, we will be sailing again tomorrow!  When I say sailing, I might mean, just boating

In the end, we were able to visit the town (buying a half-price apple pie = yummy} and then take the coastal path around Bray Head to Bray where we caught the train back.  Tomorrow, we are off further north, but no idea where we are likely to stop for the night.

Bray Station!!  Just thought you might like to see it.  Probably unique in some way or another.!!  Note electric!

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