All good things come to an end – they say

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Bye bye Greystones on a very murky day

And so, today, we left Greystones, at a relaxed 07.40, to a grey drizzly poor visibility morning, Oh, and very light winds.  Motored through Dalkey Sound, which looked like a nice place to live and then crossed Dublin Bay, which was busy with ferries.  Thank heavens for AIS, which, even in visibility of about 1nm, enabled us to ‘see’ the big fellas and where they were going.  Off Houth, we ran into a nasty easterly swell which meant that the light wind, even though from a good direction, could not be used.

Talking of Dalkey, even there they have planners who approve the most amazingly incongruous extensions to impressive buildings;

The motor/sailing got better, but then it rained and visibility reduced to about 1 mile.  So don’t ask what the coastline is like after St Patrick’s Island.  Eventually, at a distance of 1 mile, we saw St Johns Point and, soon after, made our way into Ardglass Marina, where we are now on the outer pontoon in a millpond.  The entrance is narrow and shallow and we arrived at low tide

The entrance to Ardglass marina is narrower than it looks and is very shallow



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