A very mixed day!!

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Tiftie, in the rain, in Ardglass marina waiting for the tide to turn.  Note how close the marina is to the open sea – about 1/2 mile.

We left Ardglass in the rain, but with 16 to 18m knots of following wind plus the tide, we had an easy passage with speeds over the ground of up to 8.5 knots, giving an average of 8nm in the hour, which is pretty sensational for Tiftie.

As the winds gradually freshened to 20+ knots, we decided to make for Bangor Marina rather than continue on to Glenarm, which might have been just as well.  Anyway, as we furled the sails ready to enter the harbour, not only did the Genoa not furl completely, but we made a mess of furling the mainsail so that the last metre or so did not disappear into the mast.  What a mess!!!  there is a beach nearby where we could anchor Tiftie whilst we sorted the mess out, but the anchor didn’t hold.  So, change of plan and off into the marina with both sails sticking our a bit!!  I tried to reverse into the berth that we were given, but found that impossible because of the windage.  In the end, we went in bow first with the wind ‘up our chuff’.  With some perseverance, we managed to sort out the sails and are now enjoying a peaceful evening with the wind raging outside.  Hello, north of England!!!

Two reflections on marina costs.  Greystones, with modest (poor?) facilities, was about £47 per night,excluding hook-up, whereas Bangor, with exceptional facilities and including hook-up, is about £35 per night.  Both, with our own marina, are part of a Trans Europe group so that we get berthing at half-price.  So, the mind-blowing bits!  If we had not had the discount, our two nights at Greystones would have cost £95 – ouch.  With discount, our single night at Bangor has actually cost £18.


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