When will I see you again?

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Is the song that went through my head as I repacked my shorts and Polo shirt.  Oh yes, those which were used extensively on our Fishguard to Greystones crossing!

Today started sunny and, because the favourable tide was not until the afternoon, we had our showers and, then, a walk around part of Bangor. – a very nice town!!  Then, on what remained a lovely day, contradicting the forecast, we set off for Glenarm, 22 nm away, at about 12.30, with Plan B ‘up our sleeve’.

It’s not very obvious but, very close to the waterline, there is a footpath with a lot of bridges which lead to a cave.  No idea what’s there, but will return (not far from Larne)

And so, when we were close to Glenarm by about 16:00 and, under sail, doing 8 knots over the ground, we decided that another 22nm to Ballycastle was do-able especially given the gale being forecast “soon” which might pin us down for a day or two.  On, on and by 19:10, we were secure in Ballycastle marina where we enjoyed a few days two years ago.

Visibility has been good all day, which is great because the coastline here is spectacular with beautiful headlands etc.

Spectacular Benmore Head,, the last turn before Ballycastle

We don’t expect to be moving tomorrow, so we are planning a trip to Belfast.  We would like to bus the A2 coast road and we would like to visit the Titanic museum.  Who knows?  That’s tomorrow’s surprise. Note to self:  Anniversary in two days’ time!!  Best not to forget!!


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