Back to basics

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G not at all pleased at spending the night exposed to 35 kt winds, albeit without big waves and tied to a pontoon.

So, today, after mending the hookup cable, we set off in the hire car visiting Lochcarron, Shieldaig, Gairloch, Ullapool and Lochinver, all places which we have been to, but not by car.

Unclassified road to Lochinver (classic)

Found a B&B in Lochinver (The Rose) and had a great meal at The Lochinver Larder. Now back at B&B, blowing old boots outside, but room not moving about at all. G very happy indeed. Trip further north tomorrow as serious gale due.

Amazing coincidence! In Lochinver by chance because would have stopped wherever we found ourselves at about 18:00 and in restaurant by chance when who should walk in but friend from Allerton with two friends who are stuck here in a yacht due to gale forecast. Had a great evening.

incidentally, the first place we tried, a hotel, wanted £240 a night B&B!!!!  It reminds me why I bought the campervan!!

Aside: I was so bored last night, in the wind & rain that I waited for this

Yes, I know – pathetic

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