Orft we go again

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But not too far!

Delayed start because of need to top up the hire car’s tank and the garage didn’t open until 09:00!! Eventually left at 09:45 and headed  for Eileen Donan castle.

Eileen Donan castle (1/2 mile away)

Got close enough to ‘tick the box’ and then turned and ebbed our way to and through Kyle Rhea at up to 11 knots.

Cut the journey short at Mallaig to get fuel. What a joke! It’s actually for the fishing fleet which takes priority. 100 litres, sir??? Oh, you’ll have to use cans. What? On a Sunday? Good heavens no! Earliest  will be 09:00 on Monday! Thank you for nothing! Good showers though (although cubicle designed by an emaciated person of challenging height!!

Calm day tomorrow, but heavy easterly the day after


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