Sitting out a gale the easy way

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After an excellent breakfast at The Rose B&B, we headed off north by way of Drumbeg and Scourie eventually picking up the A838 for Durness and the north coast.  Miles and miles of single track with many passing places, but it’s the main road with coaches etc etc.  But probably the most memorable was the number of cyclists (pedal) struggling along this open road against such strong winds and, at times, pouring rain.This is also very much motorcycle country.

G, in half a gale, looking for the ideal shot

Just beyond Durness, we came across Smoo Cave.  ????  Never heard of it, but an obvious ‘must see’ for coaches, motorcyclists, et al.  So, we stopped to discover the most extraordinary sea and fresh water cave.  Vast entrance from a cove into a cave with a waterfall!!  And there was no entrance charge.  Amazing place Scotland.

G entering Smoo Cave.  The waterfall is over the bridge to the right

Then on along this spectacular road until, eventually, John O’Groats great views of the overfalls in Pentland Firth – Glad we weren’t there!!

G at J O’G looking a bit windswept

Finally, the long drive back to Kyle of Lochalsh via Wick & Helmsdale, stopping at the latter at about 18:00 for a quick snack and a look at the harbour where we might have stopped on our way north.  What became apparent was that, although the winds were strong wherever we went, the weather was much brighter on the east coast with lots of sun.  But, as we progressed west, we gradually returned to a grey rainy day.  Nonetheless, by the time we got back to the boat, it was clear that the winds were no longer as strong and that the gale had passed.

It is now morning, I am up early, the weather is good and we will be away, hopefully by about 09:30.  We have to fill the tank of the hire car up first and the garage doesn’t open until 09:00.  So ends two great days of car travel during which we have covered all of the north-west coast roads which I have wanted to cover for so long.  They are as spectacular as I had imagined they would be.  G did all of the driving whilst I navigated; an arrangement which we prefer because I am the better map reader whilst G is the better ….. lets not go there.  Oh, but she had so much fun with the gearbox!! There were six gears written on the gear lever, but heaven knows where they’d put them!! Arf arf


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