Perfect day to end our third long journey

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Sunny all day and, in the main, a good wind on the starboard quarter which gave us some good sailing.  Wind died off for a while and gave us the chance to motor into Gorran Haven and PortMellon – both fabulous looking places – especially to drop anchor in suitable conditions.

Now back in our berth at Mayflower and enjoying our evening on board (the 12th anniversary of our first meeting at the sailing club at Cheddar)

Then, tomorrow, we clean the boat down and off back home.  Can’t wait to see family and friends again – not to mention picking up a golf club, cycling up the gorge and some trips on the Pan.

We achieved our aims of seeing Staffa, travelling the Caledonian Canal and visiting the Orkneys and the Outer Hebrides.  Unfortunately, as is typical in Scotland, poor weather prevented extensive cruises to see South Uist and anchor off Staffa so as to go ashore.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and G’s Take.  France next year.


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