Charlestown (woops) & Back

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Just two days available, but a great trip to a from Charlestown.  No wind and bright sunshine going.  So we were able to hug the coast in a waveless calm.  Rowed ashore to see Charlestown.  Very commercialised with pubs and restaurants galore.  A couple of run-down old boats and pay to go on the inner dockside.  Anyway, it warrants a visit, especially be sea.

Tides out at Charlestown in the outer harbour (Hope the image corrects itself – I can’t)

A very peaceful night at anchor off the harbour and anchor aweigh at about 07.30.  Another  millpond, but overcast.  Motoring at about 4 knots close to the coastline.  Off Looe, 8 knots of wind has filled in from the north-west. Bliss – a bit of sun, no waves to talk of, a gently offshore wind from behind and a gentle sail back towards Plymouth  Oh – and absolutely no traffic or crowds. Hey ho.


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