Where are we now?

I  had a Raymarine AIS transceiver fitted to Tiftie and, so, you should be able to follow our progress by searching for TIFTIE on a tracker website such as www.marinetraffic.com

It appears that http://www.vesselfinder.com has stopped recording Tiftie’s position.  Similarly, with other yachts we are interested in.

For those not familiar with AIS (Automatic Identification System), it is essentially a safety feature which enables me to ‘see’ on my chartplotter another vessel with the system and for me to be ‘seen’ by them independent of radar.  AIS is compulsory for most commercial vessels but not for pleasure craft such as Tiftie, although it is becoming increasong popular.

The compulsory AIS, Class A, transmits via satellite and is continuous whereas Tiftie’s AIS, Class B, is, I understand, transmitted by VHF and is, therefore, not necessarily continuous.  This explains why you can find that Tiftie is “out of range”, but not how we can be out of range when we have never been more than a mile off-shore and, moreover, are anchored in Fishguard harbour where there is quite clearly VHF reception.  Given our ‘disappearance’, you can appreciate our relief when it was clear that that the MOD could ‘see’ and identify us in Cardigan Bay.


One thought on “Where are we now?

    David and Janet said:
    May 21, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Hi Ken and Gina, Pleased to read you’re having another entertaining voyage! I liked your photos of toiletry mixed with french cooking! very laissez faire! We got back from our Morgan Tour of Spain yesterday. Absolutely knackered. Plymouth Santander ferry cancelled had to drive through France into Spain and Back covered 956Km in one day going out and 3000 Km altogether all in a Morgan. Not recommended.
    Nice to be home. We hope you enjoy the rest of your voyage and look forward to reading about it.

    David and Janet x


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