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Not as big a cruise as many people, but more than many others!!  We’re off back to Scotland, but to fill in some of the gaps.  We intend to start on about 3rd May and make our way North.  In a repeat of last years, we are faced with a few days of easterly winds, so Lundy Island looks likely to be given a miss – again!!  We’ll see.

Shame to leave The Scillies behind

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Peaceful night at anchor off Mousehole (harbour dries).  Away earlyish, to follow the Mounts Bay coastline and then catch the tide around the Lizard.  All good visibility, but cold.

G catches the brief half-hour of sun during the day

Wind around 10 knots from the north-north-west saw us speedily back in Plymouth.  Well, when I say speedily, I mean that, at an average pace of about 6 knots, 67 nm still takes quite a while.

All-in-all, three great days in the Scillies visiting St Mary’s, Bryher and St Martin’s in dry conditions.  Warm in the sun and shelter, but cold in exposed areas when the sun was in.

We’re looking forward now to our journey to Scotland in two to three weeks time.  Weather permitting.  We’ve no intention of head-banging against unfavourable winds.

Sun & Air

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Today started with a high tide ‘inland’ passage from Tresco to St Martin’s dodging lots of rocks. Pick up a mooring, dinghy ashore and a shortish walk around St Martins.

G tickling herself overlooking St Martin’s Bay (Boofull)

Of the five main islands, G & I think that St Martin’s may be our favourite.  We couldn’t stay too long because we wanted to avoid a night passage and avoid the easterlies which are forecast for Tuesday onwards.

Thus, on a beautiful sunny day, we left St Martin’s at about 13:30 and ran all the way to Mounts Bay, with almost no engine, where we are now anchored off Mousehole for the night.

Up early in the morning to see the Mounts Bay coastline and, importantly, to catch the tide around the Lizard.


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Tresco to the right, Bryher left

High tide (ish) at about 09:00 and we took the direct route from St Mary’s to Tresco over the shallows.  Tense, but fine.  Then, outboard onto dinghy and away over to Bryher for a great walk around the coast.

What a place for artists! On St Mary’s, we saw Peter Smith and, on Bryher, R Pearce.  In both cases, it was not possible to choose a painting because so many were so good.

The image above was taken in the evening.  When we were here in August 2015, we had to anchor beyond the rock in the distance because all 22 visitor moorings were taken.  Now, there is only us here.

Tomorrow, at high water, back through the shallows to St Martins – hopefully.

St Mary, the Island

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Wolf Rock – close up – on way to Scillies

Long sleep, but, eventually, up and away in the dinghy and a long walk around the beautiful unspoilt coastal path of St Mary’s.   Trotted up to the Star Castle Hotel to see John Mursell who is staying there. Wow, what a unique place to stay.

The end of the runway on St Mary’s

The coastal footpath actually crosses the end of the runway on the St Mary’s and there are traffic lights, complete with level crossing type sound, to stop you from walking across when a plane is ‘passing’.  Unexpected!!!

It’s been a bit windy during the night with the harbour exposed to westerlies.  So, rock and roll. Out on deck in the dark, half naked (not pretty), to fix a halyard.  No equivalent experience at home.  Now twilight, but no dawn chorus out here.  Expecting to relocate to moorings between Tresco & Bryher today.  No rain expected, but still not warm.  Toughening up for Scotland.

Incidentally, best to follow our passage on marinetraffic as vesselfinder appears to have gone to sleep since 2016 for yachts


Scillies Season

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Off we go again!!!  Tiftie launched last Monday (10th) followed by a short trip to the Yealm for lunch.  Then home.  Wednesday evening (12th), pack the car and drive down to Mayflower to load the boat and re-assemble the dinghy.  All because today, Thursday, is the only day with decent weather (wind) to sail to the Scillies. Finished everything by 03:00 and set off for the 90nm trip straight away.  Great sail (but with a good deal of motor-sating) and are now past the Lizard.  Weather overcast and, sadly, quite cold. Hope to reach St Marys before dark for an easy buoy-picking exercise.  Then, straight to bed!!


Ship ahoy at Foy

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Fowey water taxi (ch 12)

Yes, in Fowey!!! And the place was heaving – two or three abreast everywhere. Anchored way up and left very early. Anchored off Looe by 08:30 on another beautiful day. Dinghy ashore and walk around. Busy!!

Looe early on a beautiful bank holiday Monday 

Now sailing towards Rame Head in a cloudless 14 kt south-westerly to end a great short cruise