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Beaucette marina – the best!

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Waiting on the mooring for the tide to rise and cover the cill, which one can’t see from the mooring, when out pops the harbourmaster in a rib to ask how long we’re staying and tell us that will come back at the appropriate time and lead us to our berth.

the harbourmaster roars out in his rib to tell us there is enough water over the cill and to lead us to our berth.  The entrance is between the white-painted rocks.

Soon we are tied up to the widest and longest finger that we can recall, which makes tying up so very easy.

The entrance to Beaucette marina viewed from inside the marina!!

This marina is sooooo quiet and remote and exactly what we wanted.

Fact:  the most helpful two marina masters, by a distance, have been at Saint Quay (an Australian) and at Beaucette (an Irishman).   Must tell us something.

Today, we took the bus into St Peter Port (£1 each)and saw the marina. Yuk.  Very pleased to be were we are.




Back to heaven (potentially)

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Left Jersey early, about 06:00, to catch the tide north. Bye bye Hel! After motoring into the wind across the south of the island, we rounded La Cornière, unfurled the sails and had a great sail to Guernsey.

La Corbière lighthouse from the sea

Only one problem! Seven yachts and three stink-boats were doing the same thing! We had been warned the St Peter Port would be just as busy and, when we got close,  we could see that boats were already rafted up (ie tied up side-by-side) on the outside pontoon waiting to get into the marina. So! Quick change of plan and we sailed on to Beaucette marina where we are now outside, on a mooring, waiting to get in with a single other boat. Heaven😄😄. G is catching up on sleep while we wait.

Washed strawberries

We all know that G feels that cleanliness is important and that all fruit should be rinsed. She claims that she accidentally dropped these strawberries into the washing-up water, but I have my doubts that it was an accident.

G’s ‘Take’ has been updated.

Oh, yes. One phone call and one text re Fathers’ Day. Still waiting for daylight in the USA😄😄

OK, I suppose

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We hired a Smart car yesterday and bikes today and, yes, the island is very beautiful, especially along the north coast, but the marina, at St Helier, is still ‘the pits’😝😝.

The marina is overcrowded and not especially clean, albeit that the showers etc are very good. The visitors berths seem to have a strong contingent of Brits who are here for the week to get p****d. Yuk. (They are here in stink-boats, probably because diesel is only 56p a litre!!)

We are off tomorrow early for Guernsey, the marina of which, I understand, may be no better.  Nothing quite like ‘experience’.


North coast of Jersey. This path, apparently, leads to a beach!!
Causeway to La Corbiere lighthouse (reached by bike)

From Heaven to Hel(ier)

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Heaven it was walking around Grande Île in Îles Chausey on a beautiful sunny day and heaven again watching the sun go down in tranquil surroundings (putting to one side the hilarious antics of other yachties)

G loves golden sandy beaches

This morning we were up and away at 06:15 FST and took the nerve-racking Sound de Chausey north😳😳😳. A bit dull and cold but a lovely westerly 12 kts of wind to enable us to sail all the way to Jersey in 4 hours.

Sunrise over Îles Chausey as we were about to leave

Then we arrived in St Helier😝😝. What a contrast!!  If the weather had been more favourable (wind had veered to the NW), I think we would have pressed on to Guernsey. The marina is packed (think sardines), the traffic like any city and crowds of shoppers and office workers. We might hire a car tomorrow to see if Jersey can improve our initial reaction to it.

St Malo is the Citadel is St Malo

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So popular with many conducted tours.

Typical tourist ‘bus’ bringing lots and lots of tourists to the Citadel

We had a great time in St Malo, looking around, having berthed really close by, in the docks.

Eventually, time to leave Lady Cressida and took first lock out at 13:35 on 14th for the short trip to Îles Chausey, an interesting archipelago of mainly rocks.

Was very lucky that we just happened to arrive at Neap tides or we may not have been able to stay because of the shallow water.

The photographer poised for a sunset shot at Îles Chausey


Party time!!

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Meal out at Saint-Cast yesterday with JnW, so a late night after meeting another couple and having a late coffee on Tiftie.

Left Saint-Cast at 10:30 today and, with only 10 miles to St Malo, sailed downwind the whole way in only about 5 kts of wind. Slow, but no need to hurry. Sailed the inside passage into St Malo😳😳 Check it out. G didn’t realise how narrow it is until I showed her on the chart afterwards😳😳!! Didn’t object though.

Came through the lock into Vauban, right next to the Citadel. Spectacular😄.  Beautiful town.

Within the rempsrts of the Citadel

G’s ‘Take’ has been updated😍


Onwards East

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Enjoyed evening drinks on “Teddy Bear” with a lovely couple, Peter & Rosalie, whose home base, like ours, is Mayflower Marina.

Spent Thursday afternoon and Friday morning cleaning the hull. Gosh, everything gets so grubby.  Because we were side-on to the pontoon, we met so many interesting people who stopped whilst passing.

Then, at midday, having discovered that Lady Cressida was making for Saint-Cast, we motored off to join them.

Cap Fréhet – the closest looking headland to the UK we have seen

Arrived sometime after 7, in rain😩, to a meal laid on by Jonty & Win😄😄

Rained this morning, but who cares??