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Hiding in Helford

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Great sail today, but close hauled all the way. 15 kts of wind most of the time. Couldn’t lay the Lizard, so with Helford on the bow and the wind freshening to 20 kts plus, decided an early stop would be tops. Visitors’ mooring. Good rest, good meal and shower in the forward heads! Perfect. Given the tide times, we’re going in to Newlyn tomorrow after a leisurely start.  I see there’s 30kts forecast for Wednesday. Might be making as dash for Dale!!!!

We’re away

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Away at about 07.00 after refuelling. Quarter mile visibility for first hour. Didn’t see Penlee Point! Close reaching now at 5.7 kts in 15 kts wind towards Lizard

Quart in a pint pot!

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We’re on board and half way unpacked. Seems I should have got a much bigger boat just for our ‘stuff’.  I’ve ordered a shed which I should be able to fit aft of the cockpit!!

Nearly ready

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I’m convinced we’ve packed too many clothes, but, you never know, we might encounter a three-week heatwave and we might have five or six meals in top-class restaurants on the way around!! Oh, and we’ll be ok if that dinner and dance invitation turns up!  Today we travel to Plymouth and try to pack everything on the boat. Tomorrow, we will be sailing early with the intention of catching the last of the ebb around the Lizard and, possibly, spending the night in Newlyn.  On Monday, we hope to catch the last of the ebb around Lands End at 06.30 and, then, the flood up the north Cornwall coast.  I’m taking my old Plastimo plastic sextant in the hope of, perhaps, completing the Yatchmaster Ocean that I was trying to complete during the 1979 Fastnet Race, but failed!!!

I’m blogging from my mobile

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img_0649d Well, I’m trying to anyway including an image.

Woop, woop, I managed it.  The image was from Largs last Summer.

Added this note in Cheddar, outside Lanes, in the carpark! Sorted!

Is there a “Michael Fish Effect”?

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Those who want a bit of a giggle will have noted that the 34 kt winds forecast for Saturday at Lands End, which resulted in a prudent 3-day delay, have ‘run out of puff’ and are now forecast at a mere 21 kts.  Hey ho.  That’s sailing.

Weather affects start date

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The intention had been to depart tomorrow (7th), but a forecast of 34 kts two days later (9th) has suggested (strongly) that we delay our departure until Sunday (10th).  As it happens, that will give me a bit of time to wrestle with the presentation of this Blog!!!!

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