What to do or see?

It was relatively simple last year (2015)

There are various things we wanted to do on the way around Mainland UK:

  1. Visit Fort William and walk up Ben Nevis, but the weather prevented that one.  Definitely a future camper-van job!!
  2. Visit Ballycastle and bus to Giant’s Causeway.  We ticked that box!!
  3. Pass through the Kyles of Bute.  We ticked that box, too!!  And, on a perfect day!
  4. Visit as many special places in the Western Isles as possible, perhaps even some in the Outer Hebrides.  There is so much to see that I guess we’ll be going back.
  5. Anchor off Gigha.  We ticked that box!! It was a bit windy, but a beautiful mooring.
  6. Visit Fraserbrough to see my sister, Janet.  We ticked that box too .  In fact, we were close enough to walk to Janet’s house)

And before we went, we had decided not to

  • take golf clubs, which was just as well.  We had no real opportunity other than, perhaps, at Gairloch where the 9-hole course is right next to the harbour.
  • carry fold-up bikes .  There was almost no real opportunity except at Crinan, but that was about it.  So, good choice
  • hurry.  That was sometimes difficult when you have 18 kts of wind up your chuff! Not to mention 6 kts of tide in places!!!

On the Channel Islands and in France?


One thought on “What to do or see?

    Andrew and Jane said:
    May 9, 2015 at 9:55 am

    How is Gina going to practise her golf? great idea to visit The G Causeway – it’s great. Good sailing !
    Much love to you both
    Andrew and Jane


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